merry christmas.

To round out a crazy and hard year, we had a casual, lazy Christmas at home. I’m glad we were able to keep some of our holiday traditions like cookie making, wandering to look at lights and making gingerbread houses. The girls were just as excited about the season as they are every year so I’m glad it felt as normal as possible. Here’s to hoping for a bit more time with other family next year.

happy hanukkah.

We celebrated Hanukkah lighting the candles, having latkes, playing dreidel and we were able to celebrate one night with Josh’s family. The girls got very excited to light the candles each night, but then also a little scared of the fire so there are some mixed emotions in some photos, but I tried to capture it as it was.

For years I’ve been wanting to get a photo for each night of Hanukkah, but for various reasons it never happened… until this year.

Here’s the collage: