3 months. 

Already a quarter of a year old! She is “talking” a lot more, found her hands and loves grabbing toys above her and eating her hands, loves the bath and watching her sister. She’s very much all about mommy – so much so that she will rarely let anyone else hold her for more than a few minutes before having a meltdown. She’s the happiest baby during the day, but is still not a fan of the late afternoon/evening. Smiling seems to be one of her favorite things, which is the best! She’s gotten pretty good at tummy time too (or can stand it for more than a few minutes now). 

lila’s nursery. 

I debated taking pictures of her nursery just because there is never good light in that room. Never. No matter how sunny it is. We have big trees right behind our house which provide great privacy, but make for some pretty poor lighting in our house, unfortunately. But, I decided I would anyway as I want to remember it. Please excuse the terrible photo quality.