lila is three.

She brings the sunshine into any room. She’s the goofiest, silliest, sweetest girl who can always make us smile. We love her adventurous spirit, kind soul and determination. She loves all things frozen, twirly dresses, princesses, dancing and singing, but she also loves going on “adventure walks”, making art, reading books, playing games and running around outside. We love her so much and are so lucky to have her in our family. I took her out around our neighborhood to take her pictures. She was hesitant to let me take her pictures, but happily joined me on a walk with a camera for her. We pretended to take pictures of what we saw while I snuck some in of her.


Always willing to twirl :).

breakfast in style.

She tells me she doesn’t like the sun. Usually she says that when it’s in her eyes so I gave her some sunglasses and now they live near the table 😎. We have this awesome window in our breakfast nook, but it doesn’t have curtains and I can’t quite figure out how to add some in a way that would work, so sunglasses it is.
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