that day she rolled over and no one saw.Β 

She rolled over three times before anyone saw. The first time I was in the bathroom and when I came out she was on her tummy instead of her back like I left her. I got all excited and cheered her on and she just gave me this look like, “What? That was hard?” She had already rolled from tummy to back a few times, but hated every second of it so she wasn’t too excited to try it much after that. She generally just likes to roll onto her side rather than go the whole way. 


Ellie’s got a big personality. Lots of stories. Lots of feelings. Lots of opinions… I love it all. She put on these sunglasses and I may have bribed her to stand in the pretty light ;). Right now on any given day she tells us her favorite color is orange, red or blue. This outfit matches her personality and what she likes so I just had to capture it. Then, of course, since she’s a master negotiator, she asked for one more episode of Dora (you can tell in one of the photos below). Some days her persistence and spunk are hard to manage, but it comes out in a lot of fun ways too.