first day of preschool 2018.

(This is a very late post. Her first day was September 5th). She started a new school this year so it was a whole new experience for both of us. She’s been in daycare since she was 3 months old so it was a school/daycare. I’ve been home with the girls so we put her in a preschool this time. Lucky for her, her best friend is joining her class as well!

Preschool interview | age 3.5 | 2018:

Favorite color: Pink

Best friend(s): Haven

Favorite food: Popcorn

Favorite toy: Stroller

Favorite TV show: Umi Zoomi

What do you want to be when you grow up?: A mommy

Favorite place to go: Parks

Favorite holiday: Mondays

Favorite thing to wear: Clothes… Pants, underwear,socks, sweater, dress

Favorite thing to do: Work on things

Favorite treat: ice cream

lila and (one of) her doggie(s).

She has so many doggies and if you have one and she sees it, she will make claim to it. I love the way she says it… with a very loud, low pitch voice, “Doggieeee”. And then she pants :). I really want her to be one for Halloween as it seemed like the obvious choice, but she only likes to hold them, not wear them it seems.