lila. 5 years.


We pass by this meadow every day on the way to Lila’s preschool and it always looks so beautiful. The timing never worked out to stop because Olivia is always asleep, but one day she refused to do so and it wasn’t raining so we stopped and it was full of dandelions for Lila to wish on. She loves finding dandelions. It was near her birthday so we decided to go back a couple of days later to take her 5 year photos.

I still can’t believe this kid is 5 – and going to Kindergarten soon! She has grown into such a wonderful little person. She is so determined, funny, silly, creative and can be such a bright spot in our days. She is a snuggler, a feeler and a little sweetie. She loves art, gymnastics and reading (which she does very well on her own now). She loves the color pink, dresses, treats, knock knock jokes, shiny things (she asked me to put that in), going to the park, playing with her besties and going to school. We love her so much and I love watching her personality blossom.

happy birthday, lila.


It’s been a little while. I guess I got behind again. Babies will do that to you ;). We celebrated Lila turning 5(!) over a month ago. We had a small family celebration at home on her birthday because we all had colds, but then she got to celebrate with her friends (the first time in 3 years) the week after at a gymnastics studio. She had so much fun! I can’t believe she’s five already. She still feels like my baby who suddenly got older in no time.

I took some yearly photos of her which I will send out soon. Here are just a few I took on her birthday.