olivia. 11 months.


Happy 11 months, Olivia! She has been cruising all around and has become a super speed crawler. No steps yet and not a lot of interest in walking yet, though. She now says “mama” and “dada” and likes to try and mimic us. My favorite is when she tries to say “hey, boo” (we say that to her a lot) and she says “hi…” and blows a raspberry. She is very loud when she’s mad or just trying to hear her own voice. Her and Lila do a high-pitched squeal back and forth across the house to each other and it’s both super cute and hurts my ears :). She’s been much better with eating food and enjoys mealtime. Her favorites right now are raspberries, green beans, black beans, cheese and steak. She loves being outside and going for walks. She is very curious, loves to laugh and play and she has stolen our hearts.

These laying down photos are nearly impossible now (or any really). I get one or two and they’re usually blurry or cropped funny haha. Things I didn’t think about when I started this series with Ellie as a 1 month old.

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