olivia. 1 year!


Happy 1st Birthday, Olivia! She is such a sweet, playful, curious (and LOUD) little one. She loves playing peekaboo, reading books to herself, being outside and splashing in the bath. She’s been working on saying words and mimicking us lately and I love hearing her say her sister’s names – “ra ra” (Lila) and “Essie” (Ellie). I asked the big girls what they wanted to say about Olivia and Ellie said, “Well, she’s cute and adorable obviously.” Lila said, “I love her.” We spent her birthday at the zoo and outside and it was a beautiful day. Olivia tried to sing Happy Birthday to herself that night after hearing us sing it to her. She did a pretty good job, actually :). We love our Livvy Boo so much! I can’t believe a whole year has already flown by.

One thought on “olivia. 1 year!

  1. Awww! Such a sweet beautiful little girl! Great photos! Love her so much! She’s so happy and smiling most every time I see her. Just like her Momma was when she was little. 🥰. Hugs and kisses to Little Boo!

    Love, Nana ❤️❤️❤️

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