mornings with lila. 

Right before I had to do what I call the baby  dance to soothe her. She’s only content laying down while awake for about 5 minutes until she wants to cuddle again 😊.

L_mornings0617 - 6L_mornings0617 - 12L_mornings0617 - 16L_mornings0617 - 18L_mornings0617 - 28L_mornings0617 - 34L_mornings0617 - 41L_mornings0617 - 47

One thought on “mornings with lila. 

  1. Oh my Jaymie! Little Lila reminds me soooo much of you when u were little! Such a beautiful little girl! Just like her Momma!

    Love u honey!

    Your Momma 😊❤️

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