1 month.

Lila is 1 month. It feels like it’s going by even faster this time around. This girl is growing quite quickly and it looks like we’re gonna have another long baby. She’s already growing out of 3 month onesies in length. She still sleeps a lot as to be expected, but she’s pretty alert during the day. Thankfully she seemed to have no trouble figuring out day from night as she’s pretty good at sleeping so far. She really loves to cuddle and would prefer someone to hold her all day… She also started cooing for the first time yesterday. We’re so happy she joined our family and love her so much!

L_1month0617 - 7L_1month0617 - 10L_1month0617 - 15L_1month0617 - 16L_1month0617 - 17L_1month0617 - 12

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