3 months. 

Already a quarter of a year old! She is “talking” a lot more, found her hands and loves grabbing toys above her and eating her hands, loves the bath and watching her sister. She’s very much all about mommy – so much so that she will rarely let anyone else hold her for more than a few minutes before having a meltdown. She’s the happiest baby during the day, but is still not a fan of the late afternoon/evening. Smiling seems to be one of her favorite things, which is the best! She’s gotten pretty good at tummy time too (or can stand it for more than a few minutes now). 

One thought on “3 months. 

  1. Oh my gosh! She’s absolutely adorable! Nice photos! There’s so many cute ones I have a hard time choosing which ones to put on the wall!

    Thanks Jaymie! You are so very talented!

    Love u!

    Momma ☺️

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