my sunshine girl. 

These yellow flowers are the one thing in our yard that have withstood my neglect and I live how bright and cheery they are. I’ve taken photos of Ellie with these flowers over the last couple of years because she likes to help water them (when we remember to!). Don’t be fooled by these pictures – they were incredibly hard to take as the light was beautiful and I tried every trick in the book to get Ellie to that light and those flowers – all while Lila was strapped to me. Totally worth it :).

I thought about removing her stains on her shirt in Photoshop, but I want to remember her just this way – the way life really was – raggedy hair, stained shirts and happy. That’s what childhood is about, right?
And just for kicks, here are some past photos of Ellie and the yellow flowers… both from last summer. 

3 thoughts on “my sunshine girl. 

  1. Very nice photos Jaymie! You are such a wonderful mom to those girls! They are very fortunate to have you! Super mom! And yes I agree with taking the photos as the way things really are. Ellie is truly a beautiful little girl just as she is! Thanks so much for sharing! I always love to see your posts!

    Sure miss you guys! Hope to see you all soon! Maybe FaceTime? Do you have time tomorrow which is Wednesday?

    Love, hugs and kisses to you all!!

    Momma/Nana ☺️

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