scenes from halloween.


The kiddos wanted to dress up as unicorns for Halloween this year. Well, Olivia didn’t really have a say, but she happily obliged. So, naturally Josh went as a dragon :). It was so dark all day and was pouring rain right when we started, but no one complained too much. We did take a short break and once they were ready to go back out, the rain had stopped thankfully. Halloween is one of Lila’s favorite holidays (she really loves candy and dressing up), but halfway through it she decided she would rather hand out the candy to the trick-or-treaters and she did a great job at it. Ellie stayed out getting more candy and came home and offered to share hers with Lila since Lila came home.

ellie’s first day of second grade.


I’m still working through our summer pictures, but I had to pause to post the first day of school pictures. Ellie waited all summer for her first day of school to start again. She LOVES school! She started her first day on her own because Kindergarten started the following week. She’s always been so independent so starting something new like this is fairly easy for her. As we expected, she had the best day!