three girls. one tree.


I took the girls out for a few pictures under our beautiful cherry tree – all at different times in one day. We had some clouds, some sun and then some more clouds followed by rain and hail. I’m glad Ellie and I got her photos before the hail storm. We’ve had a ton of bees in this tree this year – more than in years past – so Lila was a bit scared of the tree and hardly let me take any.

celebrating olivia.


We celebrated Olivia turning one with their Saba, Savta and Auntie Sarah a few days before she turned one. She got to try cake for the first time, which she liked, but didn’t dig too far in. Ellie and Lila tried to help her out in the end :). As much as I miss having all our friends and family over to celebrate our girls, it was nice to keep it small especially since she’s really not used to many people all at once. She had a great, happy day and seemed to love all the attention.