4 months. 

Lila turned four months! She has become a bit more content these days as her reflux issues start to subside and it’s been quite a treat. She still loves smiling, eating her hands and watching Ellie play. She loves the bath, loves when someone sings to her and being held by mom, ha. She rolled from tummy to back, but hasn’t been trying too hard to do it much since that day as she wasn’t a fan of it. She’s also discovered her feet and her strength, which she uses to try and get herself out of swings, bouncers, the bumbo… etc 😳. Her personality seems a bit calm and quiet right now and she loves observing and smiling at people. We love this girl so much! 

2 thoughts on “4 months. 

  1. Little sunshine Lila! She is soooo pretty! Love the pics! What a beauty! Saved one for my wallpaper on my iPhone.

    You may not have known this but I also did the same for Ellie! So proud to be their Nana!!! Oh and, of course, I’ve always been super proud to be your Momma! 😀❤️

    Love you!


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