6 months.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lila! She is working on sitting up unassisted and has tried food now. She likes peas and pears (for the most part 😉). She loves “singing”, spitting, eating her toes, being naked and bath time with her sister. She’s still as smiley as can be and a very happy baby overall. She was very happy for the naked portion of these photos, but got a little bit serious once I dressed her. I remember both of my girls being a bit serious when I did their 6 month photo shoots. Bad timing I guess. She’s trying to rival her sister in height as she’s in the 95th percentile and is a tad taller than Ellie was at this age (who has always been in the talk side!). I can’t believe she’s half way to a year already 😭. We love her so much!

Little alfalfa :) If there’s one thing my babies do not lack, it’s cheeks! I love those squishy faces and big eyes.

(P.s. It takes some time for me to post these sometimes and I backdate so that I remember these moments when they actually happened. Usually a couple weeks behind 😉)

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