golden birthday.

This sweet girl of ours turned 3 on January 3rd – her golden birthday. Her personality hasn’t changed much… she’s still sweet, caring, sensitive, silly, feisty, smart, creative and just a tad sassy. She’s become a great storyteller and the best big sister. She has the biggest heart and the memory of an elephant. She loves creative activities, dancing, counting, reading, puzzles, tea parties and playing shop keeper. We’re so lucky she made us parents, and while it’s not always easy it’s certainly the best. We love her forever and ever. Happy golden birthday, Elia!

Her wild hair depicts her personality a bit. She’ll barely lets me comb it so it’s never tame ;).

One thought on “golden birthday.

  1. Thanks for sending those Jaymie! Love the photos and the decorations are pretty! You have such a beautiful little girl there! Can’t believe she’s already 3! So sorry we missed her birthday. Hope to see u all soon!


    Momma/Nana 😘

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