mondays are for princess dresses and donuts.

She had been asking for a Belle dress for a while, but we told her the paci (pacifier) fairy would bring her one if she left her pacis in an envelope for her to take. She talked about it for months, but she really wasn’t ready. This girl had been VERY attached to those since birth, which is an understatement. We’ve been telling her she had to stop using them when she turned three because that’s what the dentist said. We waited because potty training took the lead when she stopped letting us change her diaper and we knew it’d be too much to tackle both. One Sunday night she decided she was ready to give them away. It was a hard battle for her, especially that night. She was really upset and Josh said if she wasn’t ready she could go get one from the envelope, but she said no because she knew she needed to give them up. It’s been 3 weeks and she still gets sad about them, but she has done so well and just settled for our hugs. I’m so proud of her for doing it herself. The next morning was rough as well, but she found that Belle dress waiting for her so she put it on immediately and didn’t take it off all day. I also treated her to a donut. It was bittersweet having her give the pacis up. I’ve been wanting her to for so long, but I knew how much they’ve helped her with all her big emotions. It’s like a piece of her babyhood is gone, though 😢.

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