10 months.

She is just the happiest baby and is so fun and silly! She took her first steps, started crawling up the stairs, started clapping and kind of waving (still working on that). She says “mama” a lot and uses it appropriately so I’m counting that as her first word 😉. She loves her deer, dolls and being “chased” while she cruises along the couch. The things that make her happiest, though, are playing with her sister, bath time and a good dance party. We love this little munchkin so much!

(Since I’m never timely with my posts it’s hard to write these because she’s already doing so much more than all of this, but that’s for her 11 month post 😉)

Tongue out while she concentrates. One of Lila’s many quirks I love.

Another funny quirk of hers is to make this face and she breathes in and out really fast (hard to explain, but it’s pretty funny).

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