party time.

More like cake and decorations time because that’s about all the nice photos I got from Lila’s birthday party. I did a floral theme to celebrate her springtime birthday and to tie into her room decor. She seemed to have a great time and didn’t cling to me as much as I thought she would. She liked her cake alright, just not enough to tear it apart. Don’t be fooled, I dug into the side of it so that she could get to the chocolate cake because she wasn’t touching it at first. Thanks to those who came to celebrate!

Here are a few family phone pics from the party as well :). I had to hold her in all these photos or she would just be crying in them…

One thought on “party time.

  1. What fun that must have been…you could higher yourself out as a party organizer….you obviously pay great attention to detail! Love yu guys!


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