12 months | 1 year.

Well that went fast… as it usually does. This little babe came into our lives a year ago and she has grown into the best little person. She is so happy all the time and you can’t help but constantly smile at her. Her joy is infectious and she teaches us everyday how to slow down, enjoy the moment and just be. She is such a fun, silly, happy little girl and our family is lucky to have her. She’s really good at walking now since she’s had a lot of practice. She’s working on running and climbing and asserting her newfound independence where she can. She loves music, dancing, being outside, waving hi to random people, exploring, playing peek-a-boo and she still has a deep passion for eating black beans (and rocks and puzzle pieces 😉). Her favorite toys are dolls, stuffed animals and books. She has the cutest squeal/giggle when she’s happy or excited. She can say “mama”, “dada”, “Eh-yee” (Ellie),”hi”, “dog-dog” and a few other random words and she has no problem yelling super loud while browsing the store… or any other time really. This past year has been amazing and we can’t wait to see all the things she will become (but really, we can wait so please slow down, Lila ☺️). Sorry for the massive amount of pictures.

I like to think that lilacs are her signature flower because they were in full bloom in our yard the day she was born and in full bloom for her birthday. It doesn’t hurt that her name is in the word lila[c], though her name was in no way inspired by the flowers.

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