morning bubbles.

It became a tradition to blow bubbles after school drop off when Lila and I got home. We’d park and the first thing I’d hear when getting Lila out of the car was “bubble”. She loves bubbles right now so I always oblige.

Always stacking rocks…

And asking for berries (blackberries) every time we pass them at our neighbor’s house. (She still asks for them now in November even though I tell her they’re gone. Sorry baby girl). You can see the evidence on her face…

One thought on “morning bubbles.

  1. Oh so cute Jaymie.😍. That last picture Lila’s looking at you and it’s as if she’s saying “I sure do love my Momma.” They are two very lucky girls to have you for their Mom 😘

    Love u all!

    Momma/Nana ❤️

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