lila turns two.

Well, now that’s it’s been almost a year and Lila is almost 3 (!!!), I suppose it’s finally time I post her photos from her two year shoot. I remember she was incredibly difficult to get pictures of at this age and I had to break it up into two different times and she took her pigtails out of her hair before the second half of the shoot. True two year old right there 😏
I had to dig back to see what I said about her almost a year ago as it’s hard to remember the exact details…

Happy Birthday, Lila! You have brought so much love into our house since the day you were born. You’re our little sunshine. Your sweet little smile is hard to resist and your are such a little goofball! You’ve always tried so hard to keep up with your sister and you’ve certainly amazed us at how quickly you have. I love that all your L words sound like Y’s (“yila”, “yegos” 😂) and that your little voice makes everything you say sound like the cutest thing. You love animals (especially kitties and dogs), being outside, singing out loud no matter who’s around, dancing, reading, playing with your sister, being destructive and talking about cherry donuts. Your are pure joy and we love you so much!

2A5520E9-30F7-4F04-9DA5-F055203F9C423B62732F-CABC-49A7-AFF5-47D6D2FC81BFBB13DDAA-388A-44DE-82E5-81A77904C1AC18D032D0-61C2-4E8B-AA90-C63706422128514E5B8F-6868-4135-A8BE-B46C187E8CDD17164884-BE4B-4BC1-A16B-C43431F7ABD4CC7C00D0-9305-45F8-9B88-6E211D1B3892F269FFCB-E3DC-4417-9A14-0396BF52F0A683E9BDE9-31D3-4627-9AB8-0AB1927C30A411F52950-27FB-470A-A9C2-041821DF561956641DCD-9D2E-4BF5-991C-1382837F1971B0385533-918D-4493-8FE3-6DCB8A7FB0AB89652D85-8103-4070-821B-B0E3167F6A28D486AF31-8F23-4A53-8183-917E792618DE4F4BEFE5-50E7-452A-B82F-661F81C1448A2F1A74F8-3196-4159-A361-6B92DF660B6D4A5565B4-646D-455D-A350-9F8CEA5F14A46FC2C6B6-CA86-40E5-9702-50A84AE2B175FBF16BE3-1A56-4D76-8570-1085BAC2626AB5792ACA-1CF5-41CE-BC34-131285E36B3C08991B99-A326-43A5-B02B-75A3983F2A7313E8C22A-1DB8-44EA-B45C-D9D98842542B19189A74-EDC5-4BD4-B4F3-79A9BE046FCFC56DB661-DE52-45B4-AF38-267C6A29405C32DABDAE-54DE-41F4-BEC8-8F1F0DF295B39CEA59DE-7ABB-463F-A741-07508BDE0275so much sass 😂12758717-3AA8-4F6F-AD3D-53C9D9F4E331She loved holding rocks and putting them on her face. I often had to stop her from putting them in her mouth. Yeah, that was fun…


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