ellie is five.

✋🏻  Can you believe it? A whole hand… that went quick. (Now 5 and almost 3 months as I post this, but still). January had a lot of rain and also some snow so we didn’t actually take these until February, but as long as they’re willing, I’m still going to take them.

Ellie is all about picking her own clothes and putting bows in her hair these days. She even lets me do her hair if I ask 😲. I love everything about this girl. Her kindness, her curiosity, her cuddliness, her wild spirit, her thirst for knowledge… She tells very long stories and makes up here own songs (singing them very loudly, of course). She is a force to be reckoned with… and I kinda love that about her too, even though it’s hard. She still loves creating, building, doing puzzles and playing games and imaginative play. It’s so awesome to see how much of her personality is still the same as when she was a baby. Never change, sweet girl. And never grow up, please 😘.


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