lila’s first day of pre-k.


Lila started Pre-K and it was her first day away at school ever. It was a hard day for me, but she was brave and had a great first day making new friends. She really needed this since she’s never had anything like this on her own before. While it was a tough decision for us to make and we had hoped things were going to get better with Covid, we decided it was still time for her to go to school with Kindergarten lingering around the corner. I do a school interview with them each year to look back on – here was Lila’s this year:

Favorite color: Pink

Best friend(s): Mommy

Favorite food: Candy (chocolate)

Favorite toy: Stuffies

Favorite TV show: Gabby’s Dollhouse

What do you want to be when you grow up: A ballerina

Favorite place to go: Donut store

Favorite thing to wear: Pink

Favorite thing to do: Activity books

Favorite treat: Chocolate candy

I think she likes treats… haha.

2 thoughts on “lila’s first day of pre-k.

  1. So sweet….I didn’t get to go…I went straight into first grade and it was quite the trauma for me…..didn’t really know anything of that world…..I know this bright one will have a totally different to you all…Aunti


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