School is her favorite place to be. She has a style all her own. Her chipped front tooth is ready to fall out, with a new one already coming in, but she’s too nervous to wiggle it. She loves the color purple. She’s more willing to try new foods, but often doesn’t like them. She’s a great friend and has many. When she wants to learn how to do something or more about a particular topic, she’s all in until she quickly moves on to the next thing. She is currently obsessed with all things organizing after watching Get Organized on Netflix on repeat. She reads me chapter books every night and usually insists I’m the one she reads to :). She loves art, science, solving new math problems, and playing school. She loves cheese pizza, ravioli and Mac and cheese. I’ve realized as she gets older how she is like me is so many ways.

I try to take them out for special photos of them each year around their birthday and because her birthday is early January and it’s always raining (or snowing), we often don’t get a nice day to go and and do them for a couple of weeks. The past few years we’ve just wandered around our neighborhood and park.

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