happy birthday, elia.

We celebrated our big girl turning 6 on January 3rd. We spent the day with just us four, some zoom calls and a porch visit. Ellie wanted a fairy rainbow party so I did my best to set the scene. We spent most of the day talking to others over the phone or zoom, putting Ellie’s new gifts together and playing and relaxing. While I’m sure it wasn’t an ideal birthday, she seemed to enjoy herself and feel special just the same. Hopefully the world will look much different (better) by her next birthday.

Ellie has been doing really well at school (virtual) and has become a very good reader. She finished reading her first chapter book and is on her second now. She is still the sweet, curious, determined and creative girl we’ve always known and it’s always amazing to watch her grow and learn. We’ve seen her become a big sister before, but she was still so little. Now we’ll get to see her do it again as an older child. She makes a very good leader of the pack ☺️.