happy easter.

I’m very behind on editing (and blogging). I do 99% of my editing on my phone and it’s been verrry slow because it’s too full. You can imagine how many photos I have on it… anyway. Better late than never, right?

We had another Easter spent indoors for the egg hunt because it was raining. Pouring, actually. So I didn’t get great photos (also why I waited so long to finish these). We went out for breakfast and the girls put on their adorable dresses from Nana. It was so cute watching Lila waddle around in her poofy dress 😁. Ellie was a competitive egg hunter, while Lila was just happy seeing something new to shake. All the contents in the eggs went to Ellie anyway haha. Ellie and I dyed some eggs for the first time, which she thought was pretty cool. Here’s to hoping for some sun (or at least no rain) next Easter!

One thought on “happy easter.

  1. sooooo sooo precious…..happy belated birthday to Lila……I’m sure it was a riot at your place…love aunti


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