a day at the park.

We’ve had so much rain (I know, surprising, right? 😊), but we had this one amazing sunny, warm Monday and we took full advantage and went to the park. Ellie wanted to try a new park so I found one I had been eyeing. It did not disappoint. It’s called Rhododendron Park so it has some beautiful flowers, but I did not know it was lined with cherry blossom trees. The Rhododendrons hadn’t fully bloomed yet so we’ll have to go back. We had so much fun. Ellie ran literally everywhere and Lila was happy to be walking around outside. We had a picnic, went exploring and played. It was one of those days I’ll always remember. Nothing particularly special. Just a really good day where everyone was happy and having fun. I took a lot of pictures so I will split this up and save the cherry blossoms for another post ;).

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