playing restaurant.

Ellie loves to bring out all the dishes, food and tea/coffee sets from her playroom so I just added a table to the middle of the room and we played restaurant. Except it was Ellie’s restaurant and she demanded Lila and I help bring our own food from the kitchen ☺️.

2 thoughts on “playing restaurant.

  1. Love it!!!! an Aunti suggestion…tape over the sugar and substitute the word Honey….sugar is so addictive…honey has so many nutritive yu guys….(-:


  2. How fun! They are both so sweet. Ellie is just an assertive kind of person. It will serve her well when she gets older! Lila looks so sweet. She really looks up to her Momma and older sister, huh? Kudos to you Jaymie! Little girls love tea parties with their Momma ☺️.

    Love u!

    Momma/Nana 😘❤️

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