We had just moved into our new home and that first weekend we went blueberry picking (on our anniversary, too). It’s been a little tradition of ours that I hope to carry on. Each year we come home with just a bit more blueberries in our bucket and a little less in our bellies 😆. Maybe this year will be the year Lila picks more and eats less, but probably not. I don’t blame her. For yet another fruit picking experience, I forgot my real camera so it’s just iphonography again, but I couldn’t let that stop me from adding some memories to the blog.

E5B18160-AC29-4F52-8D54-5E94B01C62D004A49CCD-6EA6-44F6-A796-388E128B49FB831939C3-4691-4159-9553-7960582B4E928A759A78-2CF9-4FA9-AD5E-58BE93D4E9C42BBAABC0-A175-481A-B820-6B461A605A82Who doesn’t want to show their belly to some blueberries? 😂E3C89145-8E38-4F02-9020-E8F7A17BCF61BF80847C-3825-4979-920F-681A7F18ADA4E28C3A2F-3244-45E2-9585-59F971A52354F617CA2A-3FC0-4893-B778-D0902711A32418730184-0FE8-40CB-A5E0-D666BAB3695C650299A9-E145-4A89-897C-7A13EC2F2D83CF8DB1CE-F13E-4DD1-9BD2-97E1804C5A5F0A558267-9B8A-4023-8CA2-4478D67B8E93A9583827-E2EC-4647-A91E-5A18469A80E0274A6137-38B3-48D3-B06A-C38989D781D938C086C7-B624-4819-89A8-2548339FDE6B08301814-F652-4A9B-A551-6B70F6E638A26465123A-766B-4092-83A5-D4AC5254DF3B396A9F99-0C8A-4AAA-9EE6-4BAEDEEC18531396F554-6EA6-405E-BE99-F804BA7F86E59718B59F-B53D-4BB2-ABEE-2726D27638E6DF2B2598-2BB1-4574-B547-9487FEC336CB63070BAE-72FF-4CE8-B68B-5E1907288FBE

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