fair day.

We went to the fair for the first time as a family last year and it was a lot of fun so we did it again. It was great that both girls were able to ride some of the rides because last year Lila was very upset that she couldn’t. She was juuuust barely tall enough this year to ride some. She’s lucky she’s tall for her age 😉.


It was a very moody weather day, but we didn’t get any rain so it was just cool seeing the dark sky while hanging in the sun.7B4961A8-09E5-4240-AB07-27CD5028FCDCF87AF014-F97C-4C09-AF08-9BC975B0D63C4FC93C5B-1BC1-4226-9316-173A91F1A23AC72BD23F-29C6-4841-9E70-E1F6EC25F7D501F3CB52-D14C-4E9B-B71C-EB645E0BED748402C6EB-C045-45F9-8B6F-A4740E27889BE23F6A9E-D5A2-4956-B5FE-8468B807F46078FD7FC1-5470-4528-A9E0-93492F735641
She was sooo excited when she got to go on this ride all by herself like a big girl. 1163BF1B-6806-4DD5-BFF4-C73A06C5A2E5164870D1-3F4C-4CCC-8224-797420157D46

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