7.12.22 – 7.14.22

It’s been a while, but we finally took a small family vacation to Whidbey Island over the summer. It’s kind of our go-to place for short vacations because it’s so close and we often have at least one passenger that hates the car, making road trips less ideal (and another that gets carsick). We stayed a a beautiful Airbnb which may be the nicest place we’ve been to. The views were spectacular and we were right on the beach. We mostly hung around the house playing outside and exploring, but we went to Fort Casey as well and wandered around Coupeville (forgot my camera for those parts!). Lila said her favorite part was the smores we made and Ellie said her favorite part was everything. I think Olivia was just happy to be outside. I loved the sunsets and exploring the beach. This one was rocky, though, which made it a little tricky with kids. I did get some time exploring the beach with just Ellie because she was the only one ok with wandering on all the rocks. I’m not sure how, but I managed to take a million photos in the span of three days, haha. I couldn’t decide which to post so I’m trying it a little differently.

2 thoughts on “whidbey.

  1. Once again! I love all the pics! Thanks so much for sharing! Just wish there were some with you in it Jaymie! It looks like a really nice place to relax! Miss you so much!

    Love you!


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